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Sea Byte Inc.
Damages to natural resources result from unplanned incidents such as vessel groundings, oil spills, dredging activities and construction related events. While some incidents are planned and mitigated for in advance, injuries to natural resources are typically the results of human error and result in emergency response and actions. It is critical that scientific and technical expertise be utilized during response planning as well as during environmental impact assessment. The NRDA process requires careful planning and technical expertise from the onset of a response through the restoration process.
Considerations that must be included in the NRDA process include environmental, legal, and economic (including limitation of liability issues). Our experience and expertise allow us to keep clients informed so that critical technical decisions of the NRDA process can be implemented in an appropriate manner. Sea Byte Inc. has experience working closely with natural resource Trustees to obtain results that are agreeable for both PRP and Trustee personnel. Sea Byte Inc. provides scientific expertise in the field of natural resource injuries to minimize further injury and ensure that the best possible solution to an incident is implemented.
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