Sea Byte Inc.
P.O. Box 14069
Bradenton, FL 34209

Tel: +1 941.798.9500
Fax: +1 941.761.2307
Sea Byte Inc.
Sea Byte Inc. owns and maintains a wide range of sampling equipment ranging from technologically advanced mapping and sonar equipment to the more simple, yet efficient, coring devices. Sea Byte personnel are experienced conducting both shallow and deep water surveys using a wide range of equipment including remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys, towfish video mapping surveys, side scan sonar surveys, hydrographic mapping surveys, and multi-beam sonar mapping surveys. Owning and maintaining our own equipment allows us to provide our clients the highest level of services with the assurance of quality and cost-effectiveness.

More detailed information about our equipment can be found at:
Integrated Video Mapping System (IVMS)
Summary Equipment List
About Us
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