Sea Byte Inc.
P.O. Box 14069
Bradenton, FL 34209

Tel: +1 941.798.9500
Fax: +1 941.761.2307
Sea Byte Inc.
Underwater Video and Photographic Equipment
Remotely Operated Vehicle and Towed Systems
Seafloor Mapping Systems
Navigational Positioining Equipment
Biological Sampling
Water Quality Instrumentation
Diving Equipment
Sea Byte Inc. maintains a full complement of equipment for conducting all types of shallow and deepwater surveys in marine and coastal environments.
Sediment and Water Sampling
About Us
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• Integrated Video Mapping System (IVMS)
• Nikon Digital SLR Camera and housing
• Sony Hi-8 CVD 1000 Computer Deck
• Nikonos Underwater Camera Systems (full compliment of lenses and strobes)
• Deep Ocean Engineering Phantom S4
• Mesotech Color Scanning Sonar
• single function manipulator arm
• Towed V-wing cameras sleds
•Integrated Video Mapping System (IVMS)
•ODUM Precision Echo-Trac Fathometer
• Plotting and GIS/CAD systems mapping
12-channel precision GPS positioning systems
• Star-Link 2000 GPS positioning system
• Ferranti ORE TrackPoint II acoustic positioning system (for divers and ROV's)
• Trawls
• Seines
• Cast nets
• Biological dredges
• Infaunal sampling devices
• Portable Hydrolab Surveyor System (temperature,
      salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH)
• Hach Portable Turbidimeter
• ASTM calibrated thermometers
• In-situ profiling current meter
• In-situ profiling flow meter
• non-contaminating coring devices (teflon, stainless steel, glass, acetyl butyrate)
• grab samplers
• sediment processing and handling equipment
• water collection bottles
• full complement of SCUBA equipment
• miscellaneous scientific diving equipment
• full complement of surface supply diving
   equipment with communication