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Sea Byte Inc.
Integrated Video Mapping System (IVMS)
Sea Byte Inc. developed the Integrated Video Mapping system (IVMS) for projects needing precision mapping and documentation surveys. The IVMS is a computer based mapping system that allows precision documentation of conditions at locations using video data that are linked to precision postioning data (typical DGPS). Video and audio data are collected in shallow water and along shorelines by scientists and divers and in deepwater by remotely operated vehicles (ROV) or towfish. Every video frame collected is linked to a geographic position in the computer database and geographic coordinates are recorded on the video record. Simultaneous with data collection, geographic coordinates are logged into a GIS program and the position of the video as it moves around a site are displayed and updated in a map (GIS) window in real-time (See IVMS Screen View). Video observations can be logged and mapped during data collection and anytime after completion of the data collection effort as needs change.
IVMS is ideal for documenting environmental impacts that area a critical part of of any NRDA. IVMS can be used to document and quantify underwater impacts as well as those that occur on shorelines and intertidal habitats.

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